Webcast and my BX Testimonial

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Please feel free to view my personal Lyme story and BX protocol at http://www.bx4lyme.com and also register by email for a free webcast.

The next webcast will be held on August 20,2014.

Facebook BX Protocol Group

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The Facebook BX group is called “BX protocol for Lyme Disease, Cancer and more.”

Please feel free to join as I continue to add more files and information :)

August 18, 2014

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Hi Everyone,

It looks like this site is getting a lot of visitors and followers so I will start working on it in a few weeks :)

In the meantime, please feel free to join my Facebook group “BX protocol for Lyme Disease, Cancer and more” It contains a lot of great information in the group.

Thank you all for visiting the blog and giving me a reason to work on it. The previous posts (all) were from my first trial on the BX. I am now on the year program and have lots to say :)

Wishing everyone the best of health,
Randy Garvin
Facebook: randy Garvin
FB group: BX protocol for Lyme disease, Cancer and More.

Thank you for your patience as I start updating and working on this blog :)

Thursday 11/14/13

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First session was early at 7:30

Things went good. Bemer Bed, HBOT, Turbosonic and IV hydrogen Peroxide

Got home at 10:30-11am to get everything done before leaving again at 12:30.
NT factor, smoothie, NeuroFlam, Tindamax etc.

Only problem today was having major head pressure, depression, felt like brain was going to explode, however forgot I had 3 more days on tindamax

Making pages for:
Bemer bed
Turbosonic machine
Infra red light bed
Etc. so more easier for you to follow

Wednesday 11/13/13

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Today I had a GREAT day! My head felt great, didn’t need any band-aid meds and physically had tons of energy.

Did my morning protocol before leaving to the doctors office.

Today I got to try something new: The turbo sonic machine. I did it after HBOT and my IV hydrogen peroxide.

It felt great! I want one! There’s a list of things it helps with but one is neurological disorders.

You stand on it for 10 minutes, set the voltage and hold on the bars while it vibrates for various things. As the time goes by, it does various vibrations. Please read page above on it when completed.

Good Night :)

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Hi Everyone :) Thanks so much for reading. I just finished working on putting pages in order so for this blog I am done until tommorrrow :) Hope you all have a great night! 

New Effective Treatments For Lyme Facebook Group

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As some already know, I started a group over a year ago with Stacey Dana Price along with Tim Hart, Alisa Turner, Cristopher Yulish etc. called “Lyme Disease Survival and Wellness Group” and it’s been an amazing experience, I personally have learned a lot good and bad.

We are now planning on SLOWLY lol changing the title as well as group dynamics and just adding everyone who wanted to be apart of The BX group.

As now, there are so many different Lyme treatments that are effective and working from what llmds have been saying, my personal experience, Stacey’s personal experience, I have friends going and doing the whole body heating where they heat up your blood.

Examples: BX Antitoxin, Body Heating, Dr.Horowitz 16 Steps, Dr. Klingharts Smoothies (who also does BX)

I have over 50+ names already to add but just to give you a heads up. We of course will still talk about Lyme, just we figure this is something new and there are SO many Lyme groups already you can go too.

Will keep you posted on my wall or on blog.
Happy Friday!!